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Lentil Soup

Very Veggie Cheese Chowder

Author: The Guilt-free Gourmet cookbook by Vicki Griffin.

Vegetable Lasagna

Author: Adapted from a recipe by Marcella Lynch in COOKING BY THE BOOK

Oat Meatballs

Author: Angela Kurtz

Corn Chowder

Author: Vicki Griffin in THE GUILT-FREE GOURMET

Rice-Pecan Loaf

Author: Vicki Griffin – Guilt Free Gourmet

Vegan Alfredo Sauce

Refried Beans

This amount fills a large crockpot perfectly.

Super Sunburgers

Author: Ten Talents Cookbook ~ Finally, the secrets out for the recipe so often requested. Excellent served as a main dish, a hearty sandwich, for a picnic, potluck or pack-it lunch! Super nutritious, supersedes the hamburger; low in fat, high in fiber, and super delicious!

Susan’s Dirty Little Secret Soup

Author: Susan Voisin from ~ The secret of the soup is that it can be made so quickly and easily. You don’t really need to cook! Some people eschew frozen vegetables, but they are often more nutritious than fresh ones that have been shipped from far away. They’re usually flash-frozen at the farm, resulting in more nutrients being preserved; vegetables that are allowed to age before cooking lose some of their nutritional value.

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