Rice Crispy Treats

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Rice Crispy Treats
Sweet. Chewy. Crunchy. Everything that a dessert should be! And Gluten Free! From : Kidlicious cookbook
  1. Line an 8-inch square pan with parchment paper. This makes it easier to get the treats out of the pan later.
  2. Heat nut butter, syrup and agar powder in a medium sized pan over medium high heat. Stir constantly until it begins to boil, then continue to stir for one minute before removing from heat.
  3. Add vanilla and mix well
  4. Using a wooden spoon, stir in rice cereal until the cereal is completely coated with the mixture.
  5. Pour mixture into the lined pan and press it down firmly so it will hold together.
  6. Cut into 16 squares and allow to cool.
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