Corn Chowder

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Corn Chowder
Author: Vicki Griffin in THE GUILT-FREE GOURMET
  1. Cook onions and potatoes together with chicken seasoning, yeast flakes, Vege Sal, basil,, onion powder, savory and bay leaf in a little water.
  2. Blend 2 cups of the onion/potato mixture with the cashews and ½ cup corn.
  3. Add enough water to blend smoothly to a thick, creamy chowder. Blend by cupfulls if your blender is small.
  4. Add corn to the potatoes left in the pan, continuing to cook a little more.
  5. Add blended mixture to corn and potatoes.
  6. Add more water to entire mixture to desired consistency.
  7. Adjust seasonings and salt, if desired.
  8. Serve.
  9. When needing to keep warm or reheating, do not boil.
Recipe Notes

This thick and hearty soup is wonderful as an entree, served with a green salad, fresh bread, or baked corn chips crushed on top. Also good served over rice or toast,


If you are using ground savory, cut back on the amount.

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