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Vegetable Lasagna

Author: Adapted from a recipe by Marcella Lynch in COOKING BY THE BOOK

Vegan Maple Pecan Pie

Author: Andy from – Adapted from The Real Food Daily Cookbook

Vegan Hermits

Author: Grammy Cook

Vegan Chicken Stew with Biscuit Topping

Author: Adapted from Cooking Entrees with The Micheff Sisters cookbook

Scalloped Potatoes

Author: Aunt Edith Peterson

Rena’s Whole Wheat Bread

This recipe is for a bread maker with a whole wheat setting. Makes a 1½ pound loaf.

Peanut Buttery Cookies

Author:  Give Them Something Better cookbook by Sarah Frain & Stephanie Howard.

Orange, Almond & Dark Chocolate Biscotti

Author: Beth from

Crustless Pumpkin Pie

Author: Adpted from

Amy’s Potato Soup

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